Why Use Accomplishments

Learning is better if the learner is engaged. Most of us are more engaged if we get to do something while we are learning (e.g. design and build a wind turbine). Accomplishments involve doing something practical.

Learning anything (swimming, guitar, statistics, engineering ..) is better if you do what you are trying to learn. Can you imagine learning to swim if you never got in the pool? Would not work very well. Thus, to learn engineering, one should doing engineering. To learn entrepreneurship, one should be doing e-ship. Thus, accomplishments are a method for incorporating "doing what you are trying to learn" into the curriculum.

Learning is better when the learner gets to choose what they are learning and the depth that they want to go. Accomplishments allow a learner to self-select what they are learning and the depth that they want to go.

How to Complete an Accomplishment

  1. Select the accomplishment you want to pursue.
  2. Complete the accomplishment. As you go, fill out the check list.
  3. Meet with Dr. Elger and prove to him that you have fufilled the requirements of the accomplishment.
  4. In 24 hrs, check to see that your points have been added to Blackboard. If they have not, send Dr. Elger a "gentile reminder" email.
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