Changes in Course Evaluation 9/12/08

Change #1. No formal "extra-credit" in the course. Rationale—I lack the time to design a system that works great for my students.

Change #2. HW grading will be simplified. Rationale—lack of resources (i.e. grader time and training) dictates the needs for simpler system. Also, I have figured out a system that I believe will provide my students with more control & more insight into quality.

  • HW will be graded only once; at the end of the semester. HW will still be picked up about once every 2 weeks. The grader will score your work to indicate that you have turned it in and that you are not submitting garbage or work that is drastically incomplete. The grader will not be put much feedback on the hw.
  • Save your hw so that you can submit it at the end of the semester.
  • You are expected to do your best within course time constraints (put in 10 hrs per week on the course). If you do this, you only need to complete an amount of homework that is reasonable.
  • If you are not proud of your work (represents your best quality under course time constraints), do not turn it in.
  • Grading will based on three criteria (no changes here)
    • Effective Learning Approach Is my student working hard PLUS doing the right things so they develop into a great engr?
    • Knowledge. Is my student constructing deep & connected knowledge that will serve them as a designer?
    • Professional Practice Is my student using skills and structure to problem solve that will serve them as a professional?
  • Benefits to students
    • you can focus on doing the right things to help you learn
    • you can be in control & make decisions to serve your needs
    • you can build skills & knowledge (what matters)
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