Exam 1: How to prepare for the exam

Create beliefs that will lead to your success.

  • The only way to become a great designer is for you to put in the effort.
  • The path to success involves continually hitting goals.
  • The only way to reach goals is through personal responsibility for attaining these goals. Goals are never reached by accident.
  • Prof. Elger wants you to reach course goals and will answer any & all questions within his time constraints.

What are the goals?

  • Goals are posted for each lesson.
  • Lessons are posted on the lessons page
  • Coverage is every lesson except for the teamwork lesson.

How do you know if you have hit a goal?

  • You can explain your knowledge to a expert & they would state "you got it!"
  • You can explain to a novice and they would be able to paraphrase back
  • You can connect your knowledge to your everyday world
  • You can connect your knowledge to scholarly knowledge
  • Your knowledge is similar to what is found in great text books

How do you hit the goals?

There are many strategies!

  • Creating & continually updating your own documentation.
  • Making MEAC sheets for main concepts
  • Making eqn summary sheets for each main eqn.
  • Applying your knowledge to problems in the everyday world
  • Explaining your knowledge to others

Other Information

  • Exam format will be closed book w/ tables F.1 to F.6 provided.
  • Exam will emphasize knowledge (not open ended problem solving)
  • Highly likelihood that you will be asked to derive the hydrostatic differential eqn. For useful info, follow this link, read about derivations, and open the example.
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