Exam 3

Deliverables (Start of class on 11/19)

1. Derivation of energy eqn. from each team member.
2. Green Boat Project. Report from team.
3. Green Boat Project. Presentation by team. 10 slides, 20 seconds each. Pechu Kucha format.


  • Each team member limits their scope to 8 hrs. This means a 4 person team puts in 32 h.
  • Math/Science approach ==> use engineering to predict & model.
  • Focus on Technical Knowledge on drag force and power from jets & props.


Other Info

  • Bonus. + 10 exam points for any team in which all team members nail task 1 (100% of greater on exam scoring).
  • Grade Weighting. Project = 70%. Derivation = 30%.
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