Final Exam: Fall 2011

Purpose of Final Exam

To measure how well each student has done in reaching the course goals

  • Goals by chapter are listed here.
  • Coverage is Chapter 1 (C1) to C8 and C10. Possibly C9 and C11.
  • Emphasis is on the most important fundamentals.

Potential for Good Grade

If you want to (enjoy your journey + do well), the researchers say that you should make your goals about getting better (avoid goals that emphasize getting a good grade).

Any student can get an A in class by showing that they have learned the material. Just kick ass on the final. Make me say WOW!

Based on learning theory, all students have the ability to get an A and there is still plenty of time. Learning (done properly) is straightforward and fun. However, researchers say you that have to practice right fundamentals, learn from mistakes, and practice nearly every day (just like learning the guitar or anything else).

Types of Problems

What we have been doing in class all semester (no surprises)

  • Multiple choice (clicker type)
  • Real world problems (my favorite)
  • Explain these concepts (duck test)
  • Essay/Short.
  • Wham this problem (i.e. apply Wales-Woods)
  • etc.

How Assessment Will be Done (how grading will be done)


How well does student know the foundational knowledge (including pre-req knowledge)?
* Level 5: Valid knowledge; Right Level of Detail for a student at this level.
* Level 0: No knowledge.
* Level -3: Gross errors or misconceptions in knowledge.

If knowledge is in place at level 3 or better, I start looking at skills


How well does the student demonstrate skills that are useful for professional practice?
* Level 5: Skill is executed with simplicity and elegance (appropriate for a student at this level)
* Level 0: Skill is absent
* Level -3: Skill should be in place (ample time to learn) but the skill is executed incorrectly/poorly or is absent.

[some skills like carry/cancel units are so important that absence of this skill is an automatic point deduction, regardless of level of knowledge].

Instructor Focus

How can I help you reach the course goals? I will do whatever students want (as a group) so long as I can fit it into my time constants (max time = 2 hrs per class session).

Problem 1 (Take Home)

Develop a math model that predicts the time for a siphon hose to fill a container in terms of relevant variables. During the exam, you will be given one or more systems and your grade will be based on how accurately you can predict the fill time. Look at C10 resources for an example + TK code (draining tank). You can work together on this problem or work individually. However, each student has to submit their own answers.

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