Personal Goals for Lessons

What is a "personal goal"?

A goal is a description of a result that you intend to create. A goal is personal when

  • you want to reach this goal
  • you care about the goal
  • this goal aligns with your life; your sense of self; who you are as a professional
  • goal attainment will release many positive emotions
  • you will say YES!! upon goal attainment

Why write a personal goal for a lesson?

  • Increase motivation and enjoyment
  • Learn more
  • Improve you skills in setting and reaching goals
  • Be results oriented (in the real world, results matter)

How to write a personal goal

Step 1. Recognize that finding personal motivation is a life skill that can be developed. Individuals can learn how to make nearly any situation motivating for themselves. Choose to develop this life skill.

Step 2. Determine your own motivations and interests. Do this by asking yourself questions. Examples. Regarding engineering, what are my motivations? How would I describe myself as a professional? How is this lesson connected to my dreams and long term goals?

Step 3. Figure out what aspects of the lesson you are personally interested in. Do this by asking yourself questions. Examples. How could I apply this lesson right now? How does this lesson connect with my everyday world? What kinds of things could I do if I new this lesson? How does this lesson connect with my goals and my vision for my future?

Step 4. Find ways to align your motivations (step 2) with the features of the lesson so that your goals and the lesson goals are strongly aligned.

Step 5. Write down your goals. Make sure they are motivating and challenging.

Would you like to take a Lesson on Goal Setting (to be developed ….)

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