Lesson 3c Hydrostatic Forces

Goals. You can

  1. Explain pressure distribution. center-of-pressure (CP), buoyant force. (i.e. give knowledge described by MEAC).
  2. Explain the panel eqns (i.e. give knowledge in an Eqn. Summary Sheet).
  3. Apply the panel eqns (eq. 3.23 & 3.28) to predict forces and determine the CP
  4. Explain the buoyancy eqn. (i.e. give the knowledge in an Eqn. Summary Sheet).
  5. Apply the buoyancy eqn. (eq. 3.36) to predict buoyant force.

# Text, Chapter 3, sections 3.4, 3.6

Plan (steps to reach goal)

  1. Overview of hydrostatic forces via cool applications dams, airplane windows, float mechanism in a toilet, boats, natural convection, …. Working eqns.
  2. Pressure Versus Force. How to solidify concepts.
  3. Derivation of the hydrostatic force eqn. p-bar, area, … . Example problem.
  4. Derivation of the cp eqn. Example problem.
  5. Create a MEAC sheet for CP. Create/update MEAC sheet for pressure distribution.
  6. Text Problems 3.54, 3.57, 3.62
  7. Create an equation summary sheet for the Hydrostatic Eqn.
  8. Forces on curved surface; equation summary sheet for the buoyancy eqn.
  9. Concept problems on buoyancy. object in air; object floating in water; oil/water problem
  10. Create a MEAC sheet for Buoyancy.
  11. Text problems 3.80, 3.92, 3.96
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