Lesson 4b The Bernoulli Equation


  1. Using your own approach, derive the Bernoulli eqn.
  2. From memory, explain the Bernoulli eqn. using an ESS structure.
  3. Apply the Bernoulli equation to relate pressure, elevation, and velocity
  4. Sketch a stag. tube & explain how it works. Sketch a pitot-static tube & explain how it works.


Plan to Reach Goals

  1. Piezometer on a coffee pot—what happens? why?
  2. Linkage from c. energy (solid) to b's eqn.
  3. Derivation. students do; feedback
  4. ESS. students do; feedback w/ real world examples; introduce total pressure concept?
  5. HW problems: tbd + 13.3
  6. Lecture on technology. How things work. How to construct knowledge in this area.
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