Lesson 7 The Energy Equation


  • Concepts. You can explain/apply key concepts1: Energy, Work, Power, Pump, Turbine, Shaft Work, Flow Work, KE correction factor, Pump Head, Turbine Head, Head Loss, Efficiency, Head Loss.
  • Energy eqn. Your knowledge2 allows you to explain or answer questions about the eqn. You can derive the eqn. You can apply the energy equation to practical problems such as calculating power requirements for a pump, determining pressure drop in a pipe or component, …
  • Power Eqn. You can apply the power eqn. to relate head and flow rate.
  • Efficiency Eqn. You can apply the efficiency eqn. to relate input power to output power.
  • HGL & EGL. You can sketch EGLs & HGLs, explain how and why, explain trends in the sketches.


Chapter 7

Plan to Reach Goals

  1. Goals. Find reasons to learn the energy eqn or applications that interest you. Write down your own goals.
  2. KC. Create MEAC sheets for key concepts. Create an ESS for the energy eqn. Write down your questions & bring to class.
  3. Grid. Do text problem 7.4.
  4. Setup for Design Problem.
  5. Design Problem.
  6. Example Problems. 7.9, 7.26
  7. Text Problems. 7.9, 7.15, 7.19, 7.27. Apply the SII Process to improve your professional practice.
  8. Lecture. head, head loss, example 7.32, Power Eqn. Example 7.3
  9. Text problems 7.34, 7.51
  10. Lecture. Meta = Limited but deep knowledge. Replacement Picture = Process + F2. Topics = Power Eqn. Head Loss. Head Loss in SE.
  11. Example Problems. 7.62, 7.63. Solve as a class. Focus on Idea/Planning Step.
  12. Text Problems 7.60, 7.62. Apply the SII Process to improve your professional practice.
  13. Answer learning questions about the HGL & EGL.
  14. Instructor Feedback on KC. Yes! approach.
  15. Examples or HGL & EGL (pipe from a reservoir; hair dryer)
  16. Example 7.71 (team); feedback, Example 7.77 (focus on ideas/plan)
  17. Use the description of quality of a derivation to improve your derivation of the energy equation. Note that your derivation will be problem #1 of exam #3. Bring your derivation to class.
  18. Text Problems. 7.72, 7.77, 7.80. Use Reflective Thinking (either SII or reflective writing) to learn from your experience.
  1. Text Problems 7.51, 7.52, 7.53. Apply the SII Process to improve your professional practice.
  2. Text Problems TBA

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