Lesson 8 Dimensional Analysis & Similitude


  • Concepts. Explain/apply key concepts1: Pi-group, Model, Prototype, Similitude, Geometric similitude, Dynamic similitude.
  • Procedural Knowledge.
    • Apply the Pi-Buckingham theorem to identify the # of pi groups.
    • Apply the step-by-step method to find pi-groups.
    • Relate pi-groups and/or variable between models and prototypes
  • Factual Knowledge.
    • Describe meaning of common pi-groups (Table 8.3).
    • Explain how to achieve similitude (2 key ideas).


  • Chapter 8

Plan to reach goals

  1. Lecture. Keynote, Pecha Kucha.
  2. Text Problems. 8.6, 8.15, 8.18
  3. Class. 8.14—example (I do), 8.21—example you do.
  4. Lecture. Common pi-groups. Similitude.
  5. HW. Create or improve your documentation so that you know and so that Prof. Elger knows you are on track to reaching the lesson goals.
  6. Text Problems 8.42, 8.61, 8.74. Correct in red pen using supplied solutions. After problems are done, apply RT to improve your knowledge, beliefs, and skills.
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