Collaboration in Learning

Overview of this Lesson

This lesson introduces

  • this course
  • the fundamentals of collaboration

Benefits of this Lesson

  • Learn how the course works.
  • Learn the fundamentals of setting up a collaboration.
  • We start our journey on a solid foundation.

Goals (Results We Intend to Achieve)

  • Learners can give their own definition of engineering
  • Learners can describe the fundamentals of setting up an effective collaboration.
  • We have shared data so we understand each others motivations, mission, goal, value, ….

Steps to Reach Goals

1. Setup.
a. Review the syllabus.
b. Open up the [survey]. Fill this out as you watch the video.

2. Setting up Our Collaboration.
a. Open up the [survey]. Fill this out as you watch the video.
b. Watch the video.
c. Review the [need link— fundamentals of collaboration].

3. Reflections on "Fundamentals of Collaboration".
a. Which two fundamentals are most important for our success? Why?
b. Identify a fundamental that we missed and give a rationale.

5. Lesson Review.
a. [add form] Review your learning process.
b. Review the lesson.

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