Lesson: Engineering Fluid Mechanics

Rationale for this lesson

Engineers ought to be able to define engineering.
Students ought to be able to define fluid mechanics.
Since, the purpose of class is learning, we all ought to be able to define learning.

Thus, this lesson defines these terms + other related terms.

The Meaning of Engineering

Engineering is an (art + process) for applying (math + science + technology) to (design products that benefit people.


  • Process: A systematic and effective method for getting a great result.
  • Art: Creativity, Innovation, Persistence, ….
  • Math: Field of study that involves quantification, counting, numbers, . Involves patterns and abstraction.
  • Science: Field of study that is focused on understanding the natural world.
  • Technology:

The Meaning of Fluid Mechanics

Mechanics is the branch of physics concerned with energy, motion, forces, ….

Mechanics is organized into (a) solid mechanics, and (b) fluid mechanics.

Thus, fluid mechanics is the scientific study of energy, motion, and forces for material that are in the gas or liquid phases.

The Meaning of Learning

Learning1 is the process of

  • getting better at a valued human activity (i.e. improving performance), while
  • increasing capacity for learning in the future.


Learning Engineering Fluid Mechanics means Getting better at designing things that involve the discipline of fluid mechanics while also growing (i.e. increasing capacity for future learning)


In 1 to 2 sentences

  • Summarize the definitions of learning, engineering, or fluid mechanics
  • Summarize the definitions of process, math, and science
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