How to Get Things Done

Overview of this Lesson

To learn fluid mechanic (or any other topic), we

  • set goals
  • make a plan to reach these goals
  • execute the plan

Similarly, the process of goal setting, planning, and execution is used for projects.

Thus, this lesson focuses on execution or "Getting Things Done" (GTD) at the personal level.

Benefits of this Lesson

  • Learn Richard Bolles system for Life/Career Planning
  • Learn David Allen's System of Life Organization
  • Learn how to overcome the common problems that hinder personal productivity: "overwhelmed," "not motivated", "procrastination", "too much to do"

Goals (Results We Intend to Achieve)

  • Learners can explain the language of doers: GTD, execution, goal, …
  • Learners can describe Bolles' system of Life/Work Planning
  • Learners can describe Allen's syste of GTD
  • Learners can explain how to bust the common problems of personal productivity

Steps to Reach Goals

Plan (steps to reach the goals)

1. Goal Setting.
Recommend: Write down personal goals for this lesson. Ask yourself, what do I want? What are my motivations for studying engineering? Make your goals specific (i.e. measurable) and challenging. For more information, see "how to write goals."

2. Topic
a. topic
b. topic

3. Lesson Review (Reflective Thinking)
a. Assess your learning using this form. Print1 and staple the form to front of your homework. Resource: (How to write an SII).
b. Assess this lesson using this (form).

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