Lesson 1.1a Unit Practices
Lesson 1.1b Definitions of Liquid, Gas, Continuum …
Lesson 1.2a Fluid Properties
Lesson 1.2b Ideal Gas Law
Lesson 1.2c Definition of Viscosity
Lesson 1.3 Teamwork
Lesson 1.4a Pressure in Hydrostatic Conditions
Lesson 1.4b FreeBody Diagram
Lesson 3c Hydrostatic Forces
Lesson 4a Fluids in Motion
Lesson 4b The Bernoulli Equation
Lesson 5 Control Volume Approach & Continuity Eqn.
Lesson 6 The Momentum Eqn.
Lesson 7 The Energy Eqn.
Lesson 8 Dimensional Analysis
Lesson 9 Application (Green Boat): Drag
Lesson P1 Solving Equations (the easy way)
Lesson 10 Head Loss in Conduit Flow

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