Standard for Fluid Mechanics

General Description

Engineers must be able to explain technical knowledge. Engineers must be able to apply fluid mechanics knowledge to real world tasks such as

  • sizing a component such as pump or pipe
  • designing an experiment
  • making a decision

Knowledge in Fluid Mechanics

A certified engineer has demonstrated his or her ability to explain concepts

derivative integral density
specific weight specific gravity pressure
shear-stress viscosity center-of-pressure
momentum-flow streamline head head-loss

(this continues by listing concepts from the lessons)

Explain how things work

check valve piston pump venturi
Pitot-tube piezometer Bourdon-tube gage

(this continues w/ "how things work" lessons

Explain the physics of main equations

ideal gas law definition of viscosity hydrostatic equation
hydrostatic force eqn

(this continues w/ main eqns from lessons

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