The 10 Core Values
  1. Enjoy the Journey. (have fun in the present; avoid suffering and struggle)
  2. Be Yourself (believe in your dreams, do what you want, live your life …)
  3. Results Matter! (set ridiculous goals that are super motivating; continually take steps towards your goals).
  4. Always be learning (construct knowledge, engage in reflective thinking, follow process, practice fundamentals).
  5. Respect Others. (listen, accept, …; avoid criticizing, blaming .. ; see Glasser's Habits)
  6. Be Data Based (focus on finding the best ideas by practicing critical thinking)
  7. Be a Doer (Do things, volunteer, jump in, participate, always strive to hit goals).
  8. Practice Emotional Intelligence (accept your emotions as they are; make wise decisions …. )
  9. Collaborate (set goals together, take steps to reach these goals, celebrate success).
  10. Be Professional (Be Honest, Open, Ethical, Humble, and Consistent)
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